Blackfell March

Chapter 2: Southbound

(unedited version, first half)


get into ulfrecht with arturo, he goes off to gather intel, luther asks mayor about trouble in the area. gets info about gnoll attacks in jost, decides to go fix that and get some hired help
goes to the stinking tankard, pays gantt for info on sellswords, talks to two dudes who are uninterested, then runs into bors
bors is down, but says he’s on a mission of enlightenment, and is more interested in spiritual rewards than monetary ones. luther says this is a altruistic mission, and bors concurs, so they head south. they run into some hyenas which get them real bad, so they jump into one of the tarnfingers to escape. they walk all night and wind up at a farm run by Ransbert, who lets them in. luther name drops and gets hospitality, R says that his daughter joanna is sick from hooking up with some guy named jeremy, and luther heals her w/ paladin stuff. luther hits the sack and rests for the whole day. bors goes out at night and finds jeremy being beset by two gnolls and a hyena. jeremy dies, and the gnolls shoot at bors as he attacks the hyena, but they hit it and kill it. bors takes his body and hides in the barn, then falls asleep.
they wake up in the morning to joanna screaming at the body of jeremy, luther prepares a burial ceremony, and Ransbert and the Jenfords (jeremy’s family) are there. Jenford asks luther about his family, and says he has a son who is “special”. luther goes to talk to him (benjamin) and he clearly has some kind of powers, so they take him with them to deal with the gnolls.
luther gets the crazy idea to get rabad the accoster to take out the gnolls instead. they head south, and run into two gnolls, and benjamin displays spellcasting. they take them out but luther am very hurteh.
they eventually run into some bugbears and luther name drops again. they are escorted to a floating fort on the bog, where they meet rabad. luther has an audience with him (bors and ben are escorted out), and tells him that he had to deal with a bugbear and some goblins and that the thane would not be pleased to hear that rabad’s dudes are attacking his people. when rabad says that those goblins were not under his command, luther says that he won’t tell emound that if rabad doesn’t help. rabad agrees and goes to have some kind of martial contest with luther, but luther passes out and then wakes up with rabad over him. rabad says that he agrees, but that luther needs to turn ben over to him. luther goes to relay the message
bors bonds with a bugbear named aratt, then luther walks in and tells them the terms. ben agrees and luther reminds him what he’s helping to save. rabad says that the gnolls are lead by the flind grachcha, an enemy of his, and that they will be dead before the night is done. they leave, and when they arrive in jost, the people are gathered aronud a spike with a flind head on it and gnoll scalps below it. luther makes a speach about how he made this happen by securing the cooperation of rabad, then has to deescalate benjamin’s father when he says that ben was traded to rabad. luther reminds him that his son has become the man that his father never thought he should become, and that he should be proud. luther gives some of the bag of gems to the jenfords and to ransbert so that they can restore their own farms and to invest in jost to make it prosperous
they head back north, but make a stop at ashen abbey in Bashkel so that luther can confess to father barthanas and begin his repentance. the father gives him some words about how what I did will have worldy consequences and that I must accept them so that there is hope for the good people all over. luther agrees and hands over the last portion of the gems to father barthanas as a tithe. bors was meditating in the vestibule the whole time.
they return to blackfell keep, cpt zess stops them and says that he deems bors to be a security threat, and that he will be allowed into the dungeon only. they agree and luther says he will relay bors’ questions about derngh pahkh to the thane. turns out that the thane is busy, so luther goes to lady jilian and talks to her about his business with the gnolls and rabad while she’s painting a still life. She says that rabad is not trustworthy unless he’s acting in his own best interests. luther agrees, then heads off to see if the thane is free.
edmound’s consort is leaving the room, and peter the squire is helping the thane to get dressed. luther tells him that the situation with pennythane is not yet resolved, but that he dealt with a gnoll incursion in jost. edmound asks luther why rabad hadn’t handled that and luther says “that’s what I asked him”, and that he eventually got rabad to take out grachcha and put an end to the incursion. edmound is pleased, but says to ask him first before dealing with rabad again. luther brings up bors and the derngh pahkh situation, edmound is intrigued, and asks luther to retrieve bors.
bors was escorted by everard and drummond to the dungeon, and they leave him with an old pastry to snack on. bors likey likes. luther arrives not long after and gets him out, then they head up to the thane’s room, but are redirected to his library/study. the thane asks bors about what he are, then reveals that the book he’s reading is one given to him by derngh pahkh about psionics. he says he and derngh have both annotated it and that he’s copied the relevant portions for himself, so he will give it to bors as a gift. he accepts and leaves. edmound tells luther to resume dealing with the pennythane situation, so he departs.



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