Luther of Folgunter

Berserker Paladin


Race: Human
Class: Paladin (Berserker)
Alignment: Lawful Good

Ability Scores
strength 18/36
dexterity 12
constitution 12
intelligence 12
wisdom 14
charisma 17

Weapon Proficiencies:
two-handed sword
two-hander style
footman’s mace

Non-weapon Proficiencies:
local history
rope use

plate mail, medium shield, two-handed sword, footman’s mace, dagger, mysterious belt, (23gp to be spend on more equipment)


Luther grew up as the grandson of an important man. In the Vaul tradition, he dedicated his early life to becoming a berserker warrior for his people. On one of his solo outings, he ran across men from the Empire that were under attack by hobgoblins, and joined the defense. They were victorious and grateful of his assistance, and revealed themselves to be priests of God. They thanked him and blessed him, and he camped with them to continue the discussion of their strange God and his ways. The next morning, Luther’s mind had been made up, and he wrote a letter to his parents announcing that he was going to Sanctum to learn the ways of God. After five years of study, he returned to his Vaul homeland as a paladin. His grandfather had died while he was away, and left him a belt lined with fur that he had claimed to be the beard of a frost giant. Luther was grateful to have been remembered despite his sudden departure. The unfortunate death of the Housecarl of Edmund, Thane of Blackfell, was a turning point for Luther, who was the nearest eligible replacement. He would now serve as a sworn man to the ruler of his family’s province. And so the story begins…

Luther of Folgunter

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