Bors Grimmerzhul


Bors Grimmerzhul
Battlemind (Fighter 4/Psionicist 4)
Neutral Good

XP: F: 10940/9600, P: 11380/10560

HP: 26 Move 6

Ability Scores:
Str: 14
Dex: 12
Con: 19
Int: 14
Wis: 17
Cha: 8

THAC0: 18

Saves (plus 5 against magic and poison, plus 3 vs. mind-affecting):
13 Paralyzation, Poison, or Death
15 Rod, Staff, or Wand
10 Petrification or Polymorph
16 Breath Weapon
15 Spell

Power Points: 52

Defense Mode (add one more):
Mind Blank (passive)


Life Drain—CON-3 (16), 11 PP, 5/round
Mind Link

Adrenalin Control—CON-3, 8 PP, 4/round
Biofeedback—CON-2 (17), 6 PP, 3/round (DR 2, plus 1 AC)
Body Control—CON-4 (15), 7 PP, 5/round
Ectoplasmic Form
Graft Weapon
Id Insinuation

Weapon Proficiencies:
Blunt Weapons
Short Blades
—Weapon and Shield spec

Non-weapon Proficiencies:
endurance (2)
gem cutting (2)
mountaineering (1)
rejuvenation (1)
survival (2)

hide armor (AC 6), medium shield (+1 AC), battle axe (d8), warhammer (d4 plus 1), dagger (d4)
The Way of the WarriorOf the Deep, gems (3), other fluff
39 gp left
ring of free action


Duergar Doop
Infravision: 120 feet.

Special Advantages: Duergar are stealthy. Parties or individuals at least 90 feet ahead of the party gain a surprise bonus. This causes a -2 penalty to the opponent’s surprise rolls. If a door or other screen is opened, the bonus is lost. Duergar receive a +2 bonus on their own surprise rolls.

In addition to the standard saving throw bonuses against magical attacks (see Saving Throws), duergar are unaffected by paralysis, illusion and phantasm spells. They are immune to all magical and alchemical poisons. Against natural poisons they gain the standard dwarf saving throw bonus.

In addition they possess the innate magical abilities of enlarge and invisibility. They can use each of these powers once per day. A duergar uses the enlarge ability as though he were a wizard twice his own level. A 2nd-level duergar uses enlarge as though he were a 4th-level wizard. He may use it only to affect himself and whatever he is wearing or carrying.

Special Disadvantages: Duergar are adversely affected by bright light such as sunlight or a continual light spell. They are not affected by the light of torches, lanterns, magic weapons, light or faerie fire. Affected by bright light, his enhanced ability to gain surprise is negated. Dexterity is reduced by -2 and hit rolls are made at a -2 penalty.

In situations where a duergar is in darkness but his opponents are in bright light, his Dexterity and surprise advantages are unaffected, but he suffers a -1 penalty to his attack rolls.

Other dwarves distrust duergar and react to them at -3 penalty. If the character kits are being used, this penalty is cumulative with any incurred when choosing a particular kit.

Racial Enmities: Ogres, trolls, ogre magi, giants, and titans suffer a -4 penalty to attack duergar.


Bors Grimmerzhul

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